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Mary Halloran - a Hollywood screenwriter who is widely considered a genius - but whom some may politely describe as “quirky” - arrives in New York to tool a script for a potential network television series centered on Rachel’s life. While Rachel is initially quick to bow to Mary’s hip and industry savvy vision for the script, she and the gang are dismayed when all - except Brittany - are confused by what they read, prompting Rachel to try and influence some rewrites that more accurately depict who she is. As Mercedes prepares to launch her nationwide shopping-mall tour to promote her new CD, Sam finds himself on the verge of accomplishing one of his lifelong goals of appearing “almost naked on a city bus.” As the two contemplate spending the next several months apart, friends offer each of them relationship advice, prompting the couple to make a decision about their future. Meanwhile, Blaine continues to work on his showcase with June. While she promises him the event will launch his career in ways he never dreamed of, it will also require him to reveal a lie and break a promise he made to Kurt… something he may not be prepared to do.

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Original Cast: Our Craziest Moments | GLEE

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Radio spot with sound clips from the final upcoming episodes.

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Title: Story of My Life (Glee Cast Version)
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Story of My Life (Glee Cast Version)